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Making OS X Lion Flags more useful

7. August 2011

This post assumes that you know about Flags and used them already (if not look in the menu “Message/Flag/…”.

Rename Flags

Surprisingly (at least for me) you can edit those “flag names” just by clicking on text twice (like in Finder):

Edit the flag name:

And save the new name by hitting return.

Add a keyboard shortcut

The next interesting step is to attach a keyboard shortcut to this flag. Open “System Preferences” and go to “Keyboard”. There select the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab and under “Application Shortcuts you add a new entry (by clicking on the “+” symbol).

Edit the entry. Make sure you use the same name you gave the flag. Here it’s probably getting interesting if you chose a name that already exists somewhere else in the menu… (did not try that).

Result: The renamed Flag along with the new shortcut.

Finally the tagging / labeling feature I used so much in Mozilla Thunderbird is available in as well 🙂